With how much code you produce in a day, mastering your text editor is an investment that will pay dividends for the rest of your engineering career.

While programming happens in your head, it often takes a mountain of experimental code (littered with dead ends) before you finally land on the concise, 37-line pull request you originally intended to create.

That’s a lot of typing, and an opportunity to reclaim time on the calendar.

This tutorial is for engineers who have dabbled with vim here and there, but wouldn’t call themselves an expert yet. …

Bridging the Gap Between Junior and Senior Engineers

I typed up a comment in /r/cscareerquestions recently, where I described a few of the areas I really needed to work on during the early stages of my programming career, and tied that into why I think senior engineers should stop worrying so much about their technical skills becoming obsolete.

Full Thread: https://bit.ly/2QSkKgw

I think there are a number of soft skills we don’t emphasize enough in the community, which all have the potential to exponentially increase the impact of our work (as individual contributors and technical leads).

Code review etiquette, gracefully pushing back on scope creep, explaining highly-technical issues in a way…

Jacob Comer

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